November 18, 2022

Just dropped: 707+ // the definitive TR-707 kit

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The TR-707 is no doubt a legend among drum machines and has made just as much of an imprint on modern music as its equally revered siblings - the 808 and 909.

Featuring a unique combination of digital sample-based sounds and analog envelope generators, the TR-707 has an instantly recognizable, punchy sound that's somewhere between a LinnDrum and TR-909.

To pay tribute to this all-time classic, I captured a pristine TR-707 and explored its sonic potential to the fullest extent across 446 individual samples ranging from clean to LoFi, and from saturated by reel-to-reel tape to layered, mangled, and processed into modern kits.

Best of all, the clean samples are totally FREE!


The classic TR-707, obsessively sampled & processed.