November 18, 2022

A Field Recording Treasure Trove coming to CLUB Members

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You read that right. I was actually able to source something truly amazing for you! When perusing the basement of Angry Mom records in Ithaca, NY, I stumbled upon not just one, but THREE (!) sealed professional sound effects records among some other royalty-free treasures! These records have no recording date listed but the formatting and recording techniques used make me assume we're looking at material released between the mid 50s and mid 60s.

First up in this new series are about 20 minutes of beautifully old sounding field recordings capturing some of Rome's public places, dialing through radio broadcasts, a busker, and much more. These recordings have been de-crackled and de-noised using machine learning tech and are coming to you in 24 Bit / 96 kHz.

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UCS File Naming

Upon opening this pack you will notice a different kind of naming structure. Going forward, I am adopting the UCS (Universal Category System) file-naming convention to make any sound effects and field recordings released through THE BØØTLEG CLUB and my main store more accessible to people working in sound design and sound editorial for storytelling media.

The UCS naming convention allow you to more easily find and locate specific files within a large sound effects library. Soundly metadata will also be included.