Low’n’Slow: Bass Loops & Samples

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Every good laid-back groove needs a bass track that sits just right and makes your head bob. That’s why I decided to put together a pack of bass loops and samples that will give your tracks some serious low-end goodness! 10 original loops in 3-4 keys each and 59 one shot samples including delicious plucks, thumps, slides, and hammer-ons carefully …

Expedited Release: #jamuary2020 Mixtape

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Since a lot of us will be stuck at home for a while I decided to expedite the release of my #jamuary mixtape and release it RIGHT NOW instead of 3/29. “jamuary 2020 / cuts” is now available wherever you get your music! All tracks were made using the OP-Z with some help from the Korg Nu:Tekt NTS-1 on “boom …

A free Mixtape for Leap Day!

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Since #jamuary2020 was such a romp, I decided to expand on a couple of my favorite tracks of that challenge and put together a free mixtape! All of the tracks were made on the teenage engineering OP-Z with a little help from the Korg Nu:Tekt NTS-1 on “boom blip”. For now, it’s available exclusively on Bandcamp so download, stream, and …

“voyager II” is live!

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#jamuary2020 has been one hell of a ride and I came off of this challenge feeling more inspired and excited about music than I have been in a long time! To celebrate, my sophomore album “voyager II” is now available for streaming or downloading wherever you get your music!

voyager II coming Feb. 1st.

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It’s time for a sequel. Once I finished the first “voyager” album, I knew I still had a bunch of ideas that would fit its sonic narrative. Thus, I decided to make my next album a direct follow-up and name it “voyager II”. It will be available on all popular online platforms on February 1st. This album features another 11 …

#jamuary 2020

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Happy new year! I’ve decided that this year I’ll be joining in on the fun that is #jamuary! Similarly to “inktober”, I’ll be posting (or trying to post) at least 1 minute of new, original music each day of January – be it beats, jamming, or even just practicing. It’s about not overthinking and just putting out whatever music is …

BOLT - awake (single)

my new single is live.

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With my next album “voyager II” coming very soon, I’d like to give you a little sneak peek into what’s to come with this single titled “awake”. This track was made entirely on the teenage engineering OP-Z and PO-32 tonic drum machine, synced together using the oplab module.

I Start Here: One Random Patch at a Time

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Randomness can be an incredible source of inspiration. Being presented out of the blue with a sound you weren’t expecting can lead to creative ideas you would’ve never ever contemplated otherwise. As a part of the first #teoperator community briefing courtesy of Heymun (@heymunmusic), I wanted to show you how I use randomness to kickstart my creative process when I’m …

Listening Party & Live Stream

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This Friday (Nov. 22nd), I’ll be hosting a little listening party over at Union Sound at Bow Market, Somerville (view in Maps). I’ll be playing a bunch of tracks from my newly released album, “voyager“, live on the OP-Z. For those who can’t make it, I’ll also stream the entire thing over on my Instagram (@bolt.wav)!