Diggin’ in the Wires

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The first ever Mod Bap compilation is here and it’s jam packed with hard-hitting beats from some of the movement’s finest artists like Ali the Architect, BboyTechReport, Ski Beatz, and too many others to count. Somehow, I made it onto that roster as well 🙂 Check out vol. 1 by clicking the button below and be sure to check out …

Another FREE MPC Expansion!

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Since my free MPC Expansion OP-Z Patch Dump Vol.1 has been so popular I decided to follow it up with another free one: OP-Z Patch Dump Vol.2! Much like the previous pack, this one contains 30 high-quality keygroup instruments crafted from my favorite handmade OP-Z patches. This time featuring infinite sustain for most patches as well as pre-mapped Q-Link portamento …

The new Aiida Single is live

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Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know that the new single “Don’t Wanna Talk About It” by Norwegian artist Aiida has just gone live and already made New Music Friday in Norway! Just like “More Than a Minute”, this song has been produced, mixed, and mastered by yours truly, and I’d really appreciate it if you could check it out!

Join me on Discord!

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All your amazing support with my sample packs and content recently has motivated me to finally start my own Discord Server because I want to connect with you guys and talk shop about everything related to music production & more! Plus, you’ll get instant updates on any new videos, sample packs, and live streams as soon as they drop! It’s …

MPC 2 DAW now with Cubase Templates

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Good news for MPC users working in Cubase! I’ve just updated my MPC 2 DAW template pack to feature Cubase templates as well. Now, you can record up to 16 stereo tracks into Cubase from the MPC plugin in real-time without having to worry about routing and the initial setup! Loading…

Upgraded Store

BØLT news, sound packs

Some of you might have noticed that there have been some payment-related issues with my sample pack store at times so I ultimately decided to ditch the WooCommerce platform and move everything over to Gumroad which is super stable, more secure, and I can make flashier product pages 🙂 You also don’t need to create an account to grab my …

last single of 2020

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my last single of the year, “sadboi.” is now live.this one made for my live sets @ Lo-Freq Fest and Scene’s Sunset Hang 2020 on the MPC One and OP-Z.

BOLT - dew.

“dew.” is live.

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My newest single “dew.” is now live everywhere! This track was made on the MPC One using the hi-hats from a drum loop my buddy Brainweight put out as part of his “Hot Take Drum Breaks Vol. 1” pack. The synth bass and plucks are straight from my new free MPC Expansion “OP-Z patch dump vol. 1” where I turned my favorite …

FREE MPC Expansion

BØLT sound packs

This one’s for my fellow MPC users. OP-Z patch dump vol. 1 brings my favorite homemade OP-Z patches onto the MPC in the form of 31 fully playable Keygroup programs including basses, synth plucks, pads, and more. These programs consist of 513 samples recorded at high quality and without any noise you to be able to shape them using the …

penumbra out now.

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Tune out the craziness for 3 minutes and check out this single I put together with Larah (@itslarahmusic). This one is my first track as BØLT to feature a (6-string) bass solo by the way.