March 25, 2023

Just mixed & mastered: Tyler, Beachmont, NICKO

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Hey everyone! As I’m taking some time off to hang out in Berlin, three more records I’ve worked on just went live!

First off is Tyler Christians “Get Your Way” which explores a completely different musical direction for them, drawing from punk rock and mixing it with their signature RnB splendor. This song was produced by Ollo Vera with mixing and mastering handled by yours truly!

Next up is my second collaboration with punk rock inspired future pop icon Beachmont through another track co-produced by my frequent collaborator James October! “Bowling Shoes” is a 90s infused song that channels the vibe of a self-produced demo and explores what it’s like when you just can’t catch a break.

Last but not least is “NICKO_1”, a re-release of Nick Latham’s new solo album under his new moniker NICKO. This album showcases virtuosic bass chops tastefully displayed through catchy songs that are heavily infused with synth pop influences while maintaining lots of dynamic range. Being a self-mixed EP, I had the honor of mastering the record and making sure his intricate compositions can stand out without sounding squashed.

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