January 5, 2023

MPC Expansion Update!

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Hey everyone! This update is for anyone using the MPC Expansions of PØM, ØMNI, 707+, and DX64.

I’ve noticed that the naming of these Expansions has been messing with the MPC Software’s built-in expansion manager, leading to it creating a weird subdirectory when converting it for standalone and thus making it not show up in the expansion browser on hardware MPCs. This is now fixed.

DX64 in particular also had loop points set for certain patches that were supposed to play as one-shots. This issue has also been remedied.

Thank you so much for reporting the issue!

To re-install the expansion, first, uninstall the current version by performing these steps:

Uninstalling & Reinstalling via Software:

  1. Open the Expansion Manager within the MPC Software
  2. Locate the expansion, highlight it by clicking, and click “uninstall”. Then, confirm you want to uninstall it.
  3. Then, locate the new expansion file you’ve downloaded, drag & drop it onto your project timeline within the MPC Software. Confirm you want to install the expansion. Note that the version number should now read “” in the preview dialog.
  4. To convert the expansion for standalone, re-open the Expansion Manager and click “convert” to open the standalone Expansion conversion dialog.
  5. Using the dropdown at the top, select the target drive used for your MPC Expansions. This can be an SD Card, USB drive, or your MPC’s internal storage.
  6. Click “Export” to write the selected Expansions to the target drive’s “Expansions” folder.

Uninstalling & Reinstalling for Standalone-Only Users

This step is for users who don’t have the MPC software installed or just prefer to copy the Expansion straight onto your MPC.

  1. Locate the “Expansions” folder on your MPC’s SD Card, internal drive, or USB storage medium.
  2. Delete the expansion in question.
  3. Unpack the “standalone version” of this library that you just downloaded and copy it into the “Expansions” folder.

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