February 5, 2024

Say Hello to my new Store!

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Hey everyone!

Many of you may have noticed that in the past, my samples were kept in a separate storefront from my sound effects and there was no option to easily search across product categories or quickly browse every product I have available.

In preparation for a bunch of exciting projects happening later this year, I decided to finally change that and unify everything in one, convenient store front. This will make shopping for sample libraries, sound effects, presets, and more so much easier and also drastically reduce the amount of time I need to spend working on product pages in the future.

Here are some of the benefits...

Easier Navigation & Search

Find all product categories across sound effects and musical packs in one comprehensive menu as well as links to my blog, gear list, and licensing agreement. Similarly, when using the search function within the store or in the sidebar menu, you'll be able to quickly discern between products, blog posts, and pages, making everything less confusing.

Easy Access to all Vendors


I rely on 3rd-party vendors rather than selling products directly through my website, which ensures that my site stays more responsive, your data stays secure, and you get to take advantage of exclusive vendor sales more easily. Additionally, I have added affiliate links to all my ARP synthesizer libraries that make it easier than ever to automatically contribute a part of the proceeds towards the Alan R. Pearlman Foundation's mission to carry on his legacy.

Just a little reminder, Gumroad now offers a feature called Purchasing Power Parity which will dynamically adjust pricing based on your local currency value, average GDP, and other factors, to ensure that the price of the products you're buying stay reasonable. This is something I'm offering on all of my products through Gumroad to ensure they are accessible to people around the world.

Similarly, buying products through A Sound Effect allows you to purchase multi-user licenses. If you're at a post-production house or need licenses for multiple people working on a project this is the way to go.

Less Work for me

Previously, all my product pages for musical sample packs were created as static pages. Meaning that if I ever wanted to change related products or make sweeping design changes, I had to manually go to every page and make these adjustments. Those days are thankfully over and the path from finished product to one listed on my store will be much shorter and optimizations can be made once to appear everywhere.
Check out the Store!

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Say Hello to my new Store!

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