MPC Spice Rack: Creative FX Racks

From Vintage Vibes to complete Sonic Transformation. Tap into your MPC's Sound Design Potential.

Effect Rack Presets that will Turbocharge your Sound Design on MPC.

One aspect of the current generation of MPC hardware and software that's criminally underrated is its arsenal of effects plugins that, when used properly, offer a great deal of sound design potential ranging from simply making things sound more lush - to completely mangling a sound to within an inch of its life. This pack gives you a plethora of handmade FX rack presets that should provide you with some fresh sound design inspiration. While each of these presets are labeled for use on specific sounds, the real fun here is trying them on all kinds of sounds and being surprised by the outcome!

This pack will be expanded over time, so watch your inbox once you've downloaded your copy to receive more presets in the near future.

Samples (before & after)

return: shimmer of the gods
lofi: gooey plucks
synths: ultra epic pads
transform: arpification
lofi: mellow chord sauce
bass: daft grunt
bass: talkative drive
synths: pedalboard plucks

Product Specs

Pack contents

  • 32 FX racks as .xfx files, grouped by application (i.e. bass, return, synths, etc.)
  • Installation instructions

Compatible with MPC standalone units running firmware 2.11 or newer. Controller mode and computer-only use requires v2.11 or newer of the MPC software.

About me

Hi there! My name is Chris and I'm a sound designer and audio mixing & mastering engineer based in scenic mountain region of Berkshire County, Massachusetts. While my background has been performing and recording music, it was the process of creating my first ever musical sample pack, Low'n'Slow, that truly made me fall in love with sound design in 2019.

Since then, I've started designing sound effects for video games, sampled rare synthesizers and drum machines, turned field recordings into contemporary hip hop drum kits, and created loops for fellow producers to use. During the course of the pandemic, I realized creating sounds for film and games was something I really wanted to pursue and while working towards that goal, I also started creating sound libraries for fellow sound professionals, video editors, and multimedia artists.

I strive to provide uncompromising, meticulously captured high-quality audio assets at an affordable price and help creatives at all stages of their career find the right colors for their sonic palette. My Blog also provides insight into my process, and my gear page highlights what equipment I use to create these libraries.