OP-Z patch dump Vol. 1 / MPC Expansion

31 homemade OP-Z synth patches for your MPC 2.x Hardware & Software.

31 of my favorite OP-Z Sounds for the MPC

Here’s something for my MPC fam. This pack contains high-quality, multi-sampled keygroup instruments crafted from my favorite homemade OP-Z patches. These sounds showcase the unique character and flexibility of the OP-Z’s many fun and sometimes weird sound engines and cover a wide variety of genres.

All of these programs have been created using autosampling across up to 6 octaves using several samples per octave for consistent timbre and quality. Thanks to the OP-Z’s USB audio interface mode these samples are also free of any noise. Perfect for some intense sonic mangling!

In addition to providing these pristine samples, I’ve also applied some powerful (non-destructive) FX processing to all of these so they’ll cut through your tracks from the get-go. For easy browsing I’ve also created previews for each patch that will automatically play as you go through these sounds. MPC features like plugins, LFOs, and envelopes let you tweak and shape them into something completely different.

filtered waves
phaser optional
wide analog saw
universal analog pluck
FM guitar
soft ep pad
analog staccato

Product Specs

What’s included?

  • 31 multi-sampled Keygroup programs
  • Previews for each program
  • Pre-programmed inserts effects and ADSR parameters per patch
  • 513 samples in total (44.1 kHz, 24 bit, 420mb)

About me

Hi there! My name is Chris and I'm a sound designer and audio mixing & mastering engineer based in scenic mountain region of Berkshire County, Massachusetts. While my background has been performing and recording music, it was the process of creating my first ever musical sample pack, Low'n'Slow, that truly made me fall in love with sound design in 2019.

Since then, I've started designing sound effects for video games, sampled rare synthesizers and drum machines, turned field recordings into contemporary hip hop drum kits, and created loops for fellow producers to use. During the course of the pandemic, I realized creating sounds for film and games was something I really wanted to pursue and while working towards that goal, I also started creating sound libraries for fellow sound professionals, video editors, and multimedia artists.

I strive to provide uncompromising, meticulously captured high-quality audio assets at an affordable price and help creatives at all stages of their career find the right colors for their sonic palette. My Blog also provides insight into my process, and my gear page highlights what equipment I use to create these libraries.