DAW Templates for effortless MPC Multitracking

If you’re anything like me you love the new generation of MPCs for their fast and fluid workflow… that is until it comes recording your performances with them. While you can easily bounce all of your stems or export Ableton sessions right on the device, there is no easy way to play with XYFX and track mutes live while recording each track or program onto individual audio tracks.

To take some of the tedium out of this task I have created these Logic Pro X, Ableton, and Cubase templates that come pre-routed for near instant multitrack recording from the MPC software. I have provided 8 and 16-track templates for each DAW as well as instructions on how to load up your projects. Note that this only works in controller mode.

What you’ll need

  • Any MPC 2.x hardware (also works if you only have the MPC2 software)
  • The MPC 2.x software
  • Logic Pro X* (10.5 or later), Ableton Live 10 / 11 (Standard or Suite), or Cubase 8.5 (or later)
  • USB connection from your MPC to your computer

Where do I download the MPC software?

To get the MPC software and plugin, head to https://www.akaipro.com/customer/account/index/ and register your MPC to gain access to all the downloads. Note that you also receive a ton of free expansions with your MPC that can be downloaded right there.

Logic Compatibility

Logic Pro X versions prior to 10.5 will NOT be able to open these templates. You will get a message saying that the project file in question has been created using a newer version of Logic. However, the download links include a video showing you how to create your own template in previous versions of Logic!

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