Even more OP-Z Sounds for your MPC!

Since my first OP-Z patch dump expansion has been so popular I decided to create another one with yet more homemade, high-quality OP-Z sounds! This time, there are more lead sounds, e-pianos, and pads, complete with crossfade looping for infinite sustain, as well as pre-mapped Q-Link portamento controls for monophonic and certain poly patches.

All of these programs have been created using autosampling across up to 6 octaves using several samples per octave for consistent timbre and quality. Thanks to the OP-Z’s USB audio interface mode these samples are also free of any noise. Perfect for some intense sonic mangling!

In addition to providing these pristine samples, I’ve also applied some powerful (non-destructive) FX processing to all of these so they’ll cut through your tracks from the get-go. For easy browsing I’ve also created previews for each patch that will automatically play as you go through these sounds. MPC features like plugins, LFOs, and envelopes let you tweak and shape them into something completely different.

What’s included?

  • 30 multi-sampled Keygroup programs
  • Previews for each program
  • Pre-programmed inserts effects and ADSR parameters per patch
  • Lead patches have pre-configured Q-Link assignments to control portamento (gliding)
  • 414 samples in total (44.1 kHz, 24 bit, 229mb)


bright piano

arp basics

mellow analogue

lofi wind


bright saw lead

analog saw

mellow tines

more MPC packs
more MPC packs
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OP-Z patch dump vol. 1
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