Organic Drums that pack a Punch.

My deepest fascination lies in just how much you can tweak sounds recorded in the real world. From household objects, to pets, to ambiences, and your own voice - acoustic recordings can be turned into truly otherworldly things.

To create a punchy yet organic drum kit, I recorded various objects like lawn furniture, mechanical keyboards, basketballs, and more which resulted in the sound of STUFF / foley drums.

These sounds have a depth to them that most synthesized drums just can't offer and can stand on their own or provide extremely capable material for layering on top of your existing drums!

Most of these sounds were recorded with a Zoom F1-SP at 96 kHz and exported at 44.1 kHz after processing. On top of that, selection of sounds were created by processing 60 year old field recordings captured off of pristine vintage tapes and public domain vinyl records.

Pack contents

  • 169 drum and percussion one-shot samples as 24 Bit / 44.1 kHz WAV files (18.3 MB)


    more samples
    more samples

    A pocket semi-modular synth from Sweden. Yours for free.


    Off-kilter percussive one-shots. MPC format available.


    The classic TR-707, obsessively sampled & processed.