Enhance your Sound Design with serious Vibe.

Make pristine recordings sound seriously grungy, mangle loops to sound like they're coming out of a gramophone, twist and instrument tracks... RC-20 by XLN audio is a serious audio-grungeifying powerhouse.

My pack of 41 presets adds a ton more inspiring patches to your arsenal to help elevate your sound design and uncover new ways to process your tracks

These presets are labeled according to their intended application (i.e. "Bass", "Loops", "Drums", etc.) but can of course be used out of context for unexpected and often exciting results.


    more freebies
    more samples

    Off-kilter percussive one-shots. MPC format available.


    the sound of STUFF
    169 free drum & perc samples crafted from household objects & Foley.


    A pocket semi-modular synth from Sweden. Yours for free.