May 26, 2023

The BØØTLEG Sunset and 4 FREE Packs.

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Hey everyone,

It’s time to announce something that has been a long time coming: I am closing THE BØØTLEG CLUB for the foreseeable future. This is not because of a lack of support, in fact, I feel eternally grateful to all the people that supported me throughout its nearly 3-year run. The reason is that during these 3 years a lot has changed about the way I work and how much time I can allocate for certain projects.

Frankly, I am working on more projects than I ever have including an uptick in mixing and mastering clients, creating my first sound effects libraries for film and games on top of my ongoing musical sound design efforts, and beginning to create and mix music in Spatial Audio. Since I’m also balancing all these endeavors against a 30-ish hour job, something had to give… And I ultimately realized that that certain something had to be creating monthly packs for my subscribers.

This is not to say I never want to bring this format back, but it’s an important step that’ll allow me to put more of myself into what the audio world is more likely to see and develop an interest in: The products in my store.

So, what’s next?

A lot more projects are already in the works. From sound effects libraries, to multi-sampled synths… the quest for that next inspiring sound is a never-ending one.

Thanks to a grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, I’ve had the privilege to seriously upgrade my field recording rig and prepare my studio for mixing in Spatial Audio and surround which will not only mean higher-quality sound effects and samples – it will allow me to capture soundscapes I simply couldn’t before and explore avenues of sonic art I hadn’t even considered until now.

I can’t wait to show you what I’m working on and hope you’ll be along for the ride.

4 freebie Packs just dropped!

To give more people access to some of the content that was released through THE BØØTLEG CLUB, I released the following 4 packs to the public for FREE:

the sound of STUFF / foley drums

This pack turns household objects, lawn furniture, basket balls, and more into a super punchy drum kit with a unique organic twist that works as well layered with other drums as it does on its own.

Get “the sound of STUFF”

the vibe / 41 presets for RC-20 Retro Color

RC-20 is no doubt a mainstay in most producers’ plug-in arsenal as it goes way beyond simply making something sound LoFi. My pack of 41 presets explore this awesome processing powerhouse in several directions and provides just as much LoFi goodness as it does wacky sound design inspiration.

Get “the vibe”

sounds of NAMM ’22

I spent much of 2022’s NAMM Show trailing through the exhibition halls, field recorder in hand, capturing all the interesting sounds I could find. This resulted in a pack containing unique drum loops, one shots, and loops that can give your tracks a unique perspective.

Get “sounds of NAMM ’22”

FIRESTARTERS: 10 royalty-free loops with stems

If you’re struggling with finding inspiration for that next beat or song, try dropping in one of the stems or loops from this little sample pack. These 10 loops are 100% royalty-free and very tweakable.


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