April 23, 2023

A Guide to my ARP Packs

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Since I've released a number of sample libraries focused on various different ARP synths, I thought it would be a good idea to briefly explain what each pack's strengths are so you can choose which one(s) may be the right fit for your music.

If you click the button below and shop through the affiliate version of my Gumroad store you can actively support the Alan R. Pearlman foundation which helps to keep the legacy of ARP synthesizers and their creator alive, maintain the ARPS4ALL collection of vintage synths, and hosts regular events for synth aficionados from all walks of life. If you purchase an ARP pack from there, 30% of the proceeds will automatically be donated to the foundation!

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Universally useful with a distinctive vintage Vibe: ØDYSSEUS

The ARP ODYSSEY is an all-time classic synth that is nothing short of legendary. As a direct competitor to the famous Minimoog, it is a truly streamlined and performance-focused synth that boasts immense sonic potential while maintaining that distinctly gnarly ARP sound.

My sample library ØDYSSEUS showcases the ODYSSEY's versatility with distinctly 70s and 80s inspired sounds that cut through any mix. It's a great all-round library for those classic synth sounds that won't crowd a mix,


Sharp, beefy, and straight to the Point: SØLUS!

As a somewhat stripped down version of the ODYSSEY, you'd be forgiven for thinking ARP's SOLUS wouldn't bring anything sonically new to the table.. But, oh boy, does this synth-in-a-flightcase pack one hell of a punch! This little instrument is a serious monophonic powerhouse that is capable of sounds so sharp it'll cut through anything and everything.

With my library SØLUS, I wanted to capture just that: Super beefy basses, synths, and leads that feel right at home in today's music and can add some serious girth to your tracks. From Daft-Punk style leads to gnarly 80s synth basses, you'll be sure to find something that'll catch your listener's ear.


Classic R'n B Strings: ØMNI.

The charismatic and instantly recognizable sounds of the ARP OMNI's string section will sound immediately familiar to you from the time you play the first note. Not only is it ARP's best selling instrument, its string section became a defining sound of both New Wave and 80s & 90s R'n B. Top that with a very warm and mellow sounding mono synth, and a surprisingly convincing electric bass synth, this unassuming instrument is a little one-stop shop for vibey goodness.


Warm, mellow, and honest: AXXE.

This unassuming synth has a sound I can only describe as nostalgic. It's an inherently warm and mellow sounding synth that invokes nostalgia for an era I've never even lived through. While also a very simple synth on the surface, it too is capable of a broad sonic palette but never loses its nostalgic charm and comforting character.

With my AXXE library, I captured a set of patches that feels especially at home when dowsed in gratuitous amounts of reverb and/or delay. The mellow synths, friendly plucks, and crisp synth drums are a great fit for ambient, electronica, and minimal productions.


I hope this gave you a better insight into what these four sample libraries are about and maybe even got you interested in ARP's history. If so, I'd highly recommend for you to check out the History of ARP page on the Alan R. Pearlman Foundation's website. It's a great source of knowledge about one of the most important contributors to synth history and the impact the company had on the world of music as we know it.

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A Guide to my ARP Packs

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