September 23, 2022

Capturing the Vibe of the legendary DX7

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The Yamaha DX7 defined the sound of 80s music like no other instrument. Being the first affordable digital FM (frequency modulation) synth on the market, it quickly found adopters among hobbyists and superstars alike. Its widespread success led to it being heard on too many hit records to count and developing a cult following that lasts to this day.

This synth had been on my "synths to sample" shortlist for ages, so you can imagine how ecstatic I was when I finally had access to one in brilliant working condition. For this library I sampled the 64 presets of the "VOICE ROM 3" cartridge which are mainly based on band and acoustic instruments, with a couple of synths and SFX thrown in for good measure.

These sounds are going to be your go-to whenever you're looking to add some 80s flair to your productions and they've been meticulously captured at various velocities to preserve the DX7's sonic character. The pack consists of over 2,200 individual samples in total and, as always, features a full MPC Expansion alongside multiple common sampler instrument patch formats.


64 multi-sampled patches captured on the iconic DX7.