Drops 3 & 4: Drums Galore!

First of all, I wish you all a belated yet happy new year! As most of you may know I’ve had a run in with Facebook’s truly unhinged autonomous content flagging system and a photo of my bike ended up locking me out of all my accounts. Well, they’re back now and so are your long overdue remaining sample drops for December!

ALL the drum breaks from my album “brain_dump.zip” complete with perc/topper loops where applicable!

untitled drum kit BETA
97 one-shot samples from a MASSIVE drum kit I’ve been working on throughout 2021 and hoping to drop some time this year.

With these two new packs the total number of samples and loops available to ALL CLUB MEMBERS (no matter when you joined) just surpassed 500! That’s not even counting the presets and project files included.