May 13, 2022

You can help preserve the ARP Legacy

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As you all probably know at this point, my new pack AXXE which captures the classic ARP AXXE synthesizer in 34 multisampled patches and 60 one shots has just been released.

Now, this pack could not have existed if it hadn’t been for the Alan R. Pearlman Foundation and their ARPs 4 All collection at The Record Co. in Boston. The foundation keeps a collection of extremely rare and coveted ARP synthesizers maintained and accessible to a broad community of music makers.

Here’s how you can contribute.

If you buy AXXE through the foundation’s official shop, 30% of the proceeds will go directly to the Alan R. Pearlman foundation – at no extra cost to you!

This will not only benefit the existing collection but will help them add more instruments in the future and continue hosting events like the ARPchives live stream, ARP symposium, artist residencies, and more 👾

Watch my interview with ARPchives

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