I just quit my job.

BØLT news

Hey everyone! As many of you may have noticed I’ve been somewhat quiet on social media for a bit. The reason for it was that my corporate 9-5 had gotten the better of me and I felt very stretched thin and low on creative energy.

I ultimately feel it was time to take a bold step in order to reclaim my time and spend more of it on music: I quit my job.

Now, I’m not quite at the stage where I’d get by with just music and sound design on its own but I’m moving on to an exciting part-time position that’ll give me loads more time to work on my craft and bring more music, sample packs, and live streams to you!

None of this would’ve been possible without your amazing support and I want to sincerely thank you all from the bottom of my heart for riding along with me on this journey ❤️

To celebrate this occasion I will be hosting a grand “Twitch Re-Opening” live stream very soon so stay tuned for the announcement 👾