Interview on Small Operations

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Huzzah! First of all, happy Monday to all of you! Thank you so much for the incredible support so many people have already shown for voyager! I’m super humbled by the positive response I’ve been getting from all of you and I’m really thankful for how welcoming and open-minded the amazing TE community is!

Another thing I’m bursting with excitement about is having had the chance to talk to Andrew of the Small Operations podcast in an interview about all things OP-Z, PO-33, and how these amazing devices changed my workflow completely.

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In case this is the first time you ever heard of Small Operations, it is a podcast about teenage engineering‘s products, the people who make music with it, and the electronic music community at large. Every episode features tons of amazing music, insightful interviews, and news, tips, trivia, and facts around TE and electronic music.

Small Operations is a one-man operation (sorry for the redundancy there). To help Andrew keep making this podcast, supporting the podcast on Patreon can go a long way and help solidify it as a mainstay in the teenage engineering community.