BØLT news

Hey gang!

So, my recent graduation to Twitch affiliate status made me think about what cool rewards I can offer my subscribers and how I could engage with more of you outside of Twitch as well. So, I decided to create THE BØØTLEG CLUB, a way to support me with monthly recurring donations while getting sweet monthly rewards delivered right to your inbox!

THE BOOTLEG CLUB is a monthly musical “mystery box” for all those among you who can’t get enough of rare and elusive samples, original loops, foley, project files, presets, and more!

Now, I’m not talking 3 or 4 samples each month. Your membership will give you a full sample pack every month among other goodies like my complete digital discography, discount codes, stems, and some exclusive insights into my process!

What’s it all about?

I’m sure all of you know that trying to make a living off of music is difficult and juggling both music and another job can make your head spin. Now, I’ve been thinking about creating a Patreon for a while as a means to help me make ends meet but never really liked having to use yet another platform that is disconnected from everything else I do.

So, I decided to create THE BØØTLEG CLUB as a way for you to support me on a monthly basis and get some exclusive perks that will be exclusive to members. This support will help me dedicate more of my time to creating even better sample packs and content for you all to enjoy and will give you access to my releases and new packs before anyone else.

Creating all these packs and content for the producer community is a passion of mine and I want to take it a step further – and I think that this move will allow me to do just that.

How does it work?

You can join the club either directly via my website or by subscribing to me on Twitch! The former is of course the preferred way as Gumroad charges much lower fees but both will grant you the same level of access to these monthly goodies.

If you subscribe through my website your monthly content will be delivered right to your email and can be accessed and downloaded for the duration of your membership.

If you subscribe to me on Twitch your monthly content will be delivered via the private #twitch-rewards channel on my Discord.