Looking back at 2019

BØLT news, releases

This year has been a wild ride for me musically. It’s crazy to think that I only decided to adopt the moniker BØLT in the spring of this year and yet so much music has come out of this transition.

Picking an artist name that is different from my own has been truly liberating and helped me focus on the kind of music I feel like making – not the sort of thing I would assume the people who know me as a bass player would want to hear.

Another huge boost for me has been getting into the wonderful world of DAW-less sequencing thanks to teenage engineering‘s Pocket Operators and OP-Z.

In fact, these instruments have inspired me to create over 32 videos and an entire album made entirely on these palm-sized gadgets. Not having to be glued to a screen when producing music has been way more inspiring than I ever thought it could be – and for that, I sincerely want to thank TE and all the other companies that are making this new hardware renaissance happen!

If you have some time to spare or are particularly bored, here’s a playlist of all the videos I’ve created under the BØLT moniker this year.

The biggest push, however, has been how incredibly welcoming both the Boston Beat Scene and #teoperator community have been to me! Even though this endeavor has been new for me, both communities have been so receptive to the weird stuff I’m making that I can’t help but be grateful for all these amazing people around me that inspire me and help me keep pushing forward and explore new musical territory.

I also want to thank my amazing wife for supporting my musical efforts even if time it more valuable now that I spend a lot of it at my job. I love you!

New Releases coming up

…and, there’s one more thing, I have a bunch of new music coming your way. Before the year comes to a close, I’ll drop the a new single titled “awake” on December 30th which will give you a little sneak peak into my next album dropping early 2020!

BOLT - awake (single)

Oh, in case you’re wondering, this track was made on the OP-Z and PO-32 Tonic 😉