Low’n’Slow: Bass Loops & Samples

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Every good laid-back groove needs a bass track that sits just right and makes your head bob. That’s why I decided to put together a pack of bass loops and samples that will give your tracks some serious low-end goodness!

10 original loops in 3-4 keys each and 59 one shot samples including delicious plucks, thumps, slides, and hammer-ons carefully crafted to make your beats bounce.

Everything was played on a handmade FLEXX BASSES “Peter” bass with old school flat wound strings through a pristine recording chain for that authentic R’n’B sound that sits well in a mix from the get-go, while being infinitely tweakable.

And, last but not least, the entire pack is of course ROYALTY FREE so you can use these loops and samples for any of your projects!

From now until June 1st, this pack is available for $3!

Example using the “LaDiDa” Loop

Example using just ONE of the one-shot picking samples