My Bike, turned into a Drum Kit: SPØKES.

So, this one is a bit left field. Armed with a new field recorder and shotgun microphone, I wanted to sample something unusual to put this gear to the test. After recording some of the sounds my bike makes and throwing them into Ableton, I quickly realized how much potential for layering, twisting, and mangling these sounds had.

After doing all the above, I ended up with SPØKES, a drum kit made exclusively from bike sounds, and one that turned out way more musical than I would've imagined. It's available through my store for $7 and is going to BØØTLEG CLUB members at no extra cost!

But, instead of boring you with words, please check out the video below! And yes, ALL of the sounds you hear in it (808s, melody, and all) come straight from this pack!


SPØKES: all-road drum kit
100% bicycle sounds, 100% not what you think.