February 12, 2023

My Packs are now on A Sound Effect!

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I have some exciting news for you! You can now purchase my sample libraries, sound packs, and my upcoming SFX libraries on the amazing platform A Sound Effect, the go-to storefront for professionals in sound design, game audio, and sound editorial.

This decision has been made in an effort to make my libraries more accessible and discoverable to music makers and audio professionals around the globe by joining what is arguably the world's greatest collection of audio assets made by independent creators.

While only a few packs are currently available on ASFX, all my paid libraries will become available there very shortly as they are currently being onboarded.

Visit my store on A Sound Effect

Of course, my existing storefront on this website will continue to operate just like it is right now and all new packs will also be available directly through my own store that's utilizing Gumroad for content distribution. It just means that my products will show up on multiple storefronts in the future.

For those of you working in game audio, you will also soon be able to find select libraries on and soon the Unity and Unreal Asset Stores.

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