April 15, 2023

Reasons by Tyler Christian defies musical Conventions.

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Nothing feels better as an audio engineer and producer than finding artist with whom you can create music in an almost symbiotic manner. When I first started working with Tyler Christian (they/them), I immediately knew they were the kind of musician that are an absolute dream to work with.

Every demo they sent always came with a clear focus of what they wanted their songs to be, as well as ridiculously good scratch vocals. Not only that, but they also create and record all of their own vocal arrangements with scary precision. Of all the lush and intricately layered vocal stacks you can hear on their debut EP - often consisting of up to 60 individual tracks - the number of them I did any timing correction on can be counted on one hand.

The result of this relentless dedication and musicality is an EP that I am insanely proud to have worked on: Reasons.

I had the honor of producing "Distance" and "Animals" front-to-back, co-produced "Reasons" and "Forever" alongside Ollo Vera (who produced the remaining tracks), handled vocal production, and mixed and mastered the entire record.

This record was a blast to work on and I sincerely hope you'll enjoy listening to it just as much as we did creating it.

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