June 1, 2021

The June Samples are here!

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It’s finally time for the first batch of exclusive samples available only for members of THE BØØTLEG CLUB! “SFX time capsule I” is a collection of elusive and somewhat haunting field recordings made in the 1960s that I recovered from ultra-rare SFX records and tapes. These recordings range from ambiances captured in the NYC subway to recordings of rain and thunderstorms, complete with de-crackled and normalized versions of all recordings for maximum quality.

These rare and exclusive samples will add rich texture and ambiance to any musical project!

You can join THE BØØTLEG CLUB for only $5 to access exclusive monthly sample packs, downloads of my complete discography, the “Low’n’Slow” sample pack as well as all other samples released to the CLUB to date. No minimum membership duration, cancellable at any time.

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