voyager II coming Feb. 1st.

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It’s time for a sequel. Once I finished the first “voyager” album, I knew I still had a bunch of ideas that would fit its sonic narrative. Thus, I decided to make my next album a direct follow-up and name it “voyager II”. It will be available on all popular online platforms on February 1st.

This album features another 11 tracks, this time created entirely on the OP-Z with only a little help from the PO-32 Tonic on “Awake”. Everything was recorded directly from the OP-Z and only went into a DAW for mastering.

Bandcamp-Exclusive Offer

If you want to support my ongoing musical journey, you can pre-order “voyager / the complete experience” which includes all 22 tracks from both albums and high-res versions of all three artworks. You’ll receive the tracks from “voyager” plus the single “awake” immediately upon pre-ordering and get access to “voyager II” a day early!