Voyager is live.

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It’s here! My first album as BØLT. An album made entirely on the teenage engineering OP-Z and PO-33 K.O and part one of a two-part journey that captures a significant shift in the way I produce music.

I’m beyond excited to share this journey with you and put this music out into the world. You can stream or download voyager from any digital outlet by clicking the button below and selecting your platform of choice!

How it’s made

As mentioned in my article, “The OP-Z changed my Life“, this album was produced entirely “dawless”. The only task performed on my computer was mastering. All the sounds come out of the OP-Z and PO-33 K.O., recorded as single, continuous takes and without any overdubs.

The OP-Z was recorded via USB using its native audio interface feature and the PO-33 was hooked up to my Antelope Audio Zen Tour interface. For the track “cruise” I synced the PO-33 to the Z using teenage engineering’s Oplab module.

Bringing these two tiny devices into my world has completely changed how I think about producing music and accelerated my workflow tenfold. They allow me to turn my ideas into music in such a quick and playful manner that it made my work a lot much more daring and expressive.

to be continued…