Berlin Vignettes

Ambiences and other Sonic Curiosities from my favorite City.

Calm and universally useful ambiences that are unmistakably Berlin.

As a sound designer, I try to bring a recorder with me whenever and wherever I can. When traveling to Berlin to take some much needed time off, I immediately know that I wanted to capture some of the ambiences of the city; Not just to create a library from them, but also to let me dwell on the trip for a little longer by immersing myself in these recordings once back home.

From the balcony of an AirBnb in Berlin-Wedding, I captured several long-form ambiences (ranging from 5 to 30+ minutes) during different times of day. The location of the apartment allowed me to capture the sounds of the city in a very cohesive and uninterrupted way without having people walking or driving directly in front of the recorder.

You’ll hear gentle traffic sounds, the S-Bahn 41 and 42 arriving and departing regularly in the distance, occasional ambulance pass-bys, church bells, birds, and, in some cases, even the thumping bass from a nearby wedding venue.

Also included are recordings captured at train and subway stations, animal vocalizations captured at the two zoos, and some very calming suburban ambience.

Library Specs

Categories: Ambience, Room Tones, Animals

Location: Berlin Wedding, Tierpark Berlin, Zoo Berlin, various locations

Total number of Files: 18

Total Duration: 120+ min

Metadata: UCS file naming, Soundly, BWF

Recording Specs: 24 Bit / 96 kHz, Stereo

File Format: WAV

Size: 4.2 GB

Gear used: Zoom H1, furry wind protector

Processing: Level adjustment, High-Pass filtering where necessary

License Type: Single-User, royalty-free.
Multi-user licensing available on A Sound Effect.

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About me

Hi there! My name is Chris and I'm a sound designer and audio mixing & mastering engineer based in the Boston area. While my background has been performing and recording music, it was the process of creating my first ever musical sample pack, Low'n'Slow, that truly made me fall in love with sound design in 2019.

Since then, I've sampled rare synthesizers and drum machines, turned field recordings into contemporary hip hop drum kits, and created loops for fellow producers to use. During the course of the pandemic, I realized creating sounds for film and games was something I really wanted to pursue and while working towards that goal, I also started creating sound libraries for fellow sound professionals, video editors, and multimedia artists.

I strive to provide uncompromising, meticulously captured high-quality audio assets at an affordable price and help creatives at all stages of their career find the right colors for their sonic palette.