December 13, 2022

String Machine, Bass Wiz, quirky Synth: ØMNI is here!

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If you're craving for those retro string sounds that are a hallmark of 80s RnB and New Wave alike, a machine that can produce fat but musical bass sounds, or a quirky little mono synth with distinctly warm character - you're in luck because the ARP OMNI does all of the above!

This performance instrument features three sound engines: Strings (Bass, Cello, Viola, Violin), Bass (8' & 16'), and a mono synth. Together, these three engines make OMNI a one-stop-shop for that distinct vintage flavor that is going to give your track immaculate retro feel.

ØMNI captures the ARP OMNI in 29 multi-sampled patches compatible with your favorite DAWs, and, as always, comes with a fully-featured MPC Expansion to use with standalone hardware and the MPC Software.

It's also available as part of my 2K22 EVERYTHING BUNDLE that gets you all my currently released packs for just $40!


The ARP OMNI's classic strings, charming synth, and fat bass.


Get everything released in my store before the end of 2022.

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