Get everything I've released until now.

Want to add to your sample library in a big way? Got one of my packs and hungry for more? Looking to get a collection of unusual one-shots that are sure to spark your creativity? Look no further than the 2k22 EVERYTHING BUNDLE, a collection of all the packs available through my store alongside some bonus content previously exclusive to BØØTLEG CLUB members.

This bundle is full of sonic goodness ranging from coveted ARP synths to foley recordings turned into super punchy drums and everything in between. Best of all, my upcoming SØLUS library will be added upon release at no extra cost. The 2K22 EVERYTHING BUNDLE is your one stop shop for sonic inspiration and the cheapest way to get access to every pack I've released thus far.

By the numbers

  • 18 packs in total
  • 6 sample libraries consisting of 9,852 individual samples
    • All featuring Logic Pro, Kontakt, SoundFont, Ableton, Bitwig, Reason, and KORG ModWave/WaveState format sampler patches and fully-featured MPC Expansions.
  • 228 drum loops, percussion loops, & drum fills
  • 853 drum & percussion one-shot samples
  • 29 melody loops complete with stems
  • 33 bass loops
  • 57 bass one-shot samples
  • 22 RC-20 retro color presets

11,072 samples in total as 24-bit 44.1 kHz WAV files with some select loops in 16-bit 44.1 kHz.

Here's what's included

    • ØDYSSEUS // the sound of the ARP ODYSSEY
    • AXXE // the sound of the ARP AXXE
    • DX64 VOICE ROM 3 // 64 multi-sampled DX7 patches
    • ØMNI // the sound of the ARP OMNI
    • SØLUS // the sound of the ARP SOLUS (coming soon)
    • PØM // pocket swedish analog synth
    • OP-Z patch dump // 62 multi-sampled OP-Z patches
    • 707+ // the definitive TR-707 kit
    • Parallel Universe Breaks // royalty-free vintage drum break pack (200 loops)
    • SPØKES // all-road drum kit - made from bicycle sounds
    • Low'n'Slow // electric bass loops & samples
    • melødy drops vol.1 // 19 royalty-free melody loops with stems
    • TAKTILE: off-kilter percussion
    • untitled drum kit BETA // a preview of a massive upcoming drum kit
    • fills galore // acoustic drum fills and breaks to spice up your tracks
    • the søund of STUFF // foley & found sound drum kit
    • the vibe // 22 presets for RC-20 retro color
    • firestarters // 10 royalty-free melody loops with stems.


    demo - venice beach


    PØM demo

    Low'n'Slow demo

    SØLUS demo

    ØDYSSEUS demo

    AXXE demo

    AXXE one shots demo

    melødy drops demo

    DX64 demo

    OP-Z patch dump demo

    707+ demo

    the søund of STUFF

    ØMNI demo

    SPØKES demo

    Parallel Universe Breaks

    untitled drum kit BETA

    Roland, the “R” logo, and "TR-707" are registered trademarks of Roland. ARP and the Treble Clef logo are registered trademarks of KORG Inc. The products contained in this bundle are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by these brands.