December 29, 2022

The Year in Review

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Hi everyone! I hope you've had a little bit of time this holiday season to rest, recharge, and reflect on what 2022 brought (or didn't bring). I also hope you got to experience some meaningful moments with your partners, family, chosen family, or friends.

I can certainly say that for myself, 2022 has been quite the transformative year during which I shifted my creative focus quite noticeably towards sound design. Since releasing my first sample pack Low'n'Slow in 2019 I've seriously caught the sound design bug. Shortly after releasing second pack TAKTILE (my first free release) and seeing so much positive feedback and encouraging messages, creating sounds to share with the global producer community had developed into a true passion of mine.

Since then, I've been working on sample packs and sample libraries pretty much non stop, and it's incredibly rewarding to hear people using sounds I created to produce amazing music.

2022 has been my busiest year thus far with 8 new sample libraries and packs released alongside 13 drops for BØØTLEG CLUB members. My store also just surpassed 10,000 downloads across all packs which is just unbelievable to me. I can't thank you enough for the amazing support, spreading the word, and putting my sounds to use! 👾♥️

Regarding Sound Design

On the sound design front, a lot of things will change in the near future. While I'll be working on more sample libraries for fellow musicians, I have also started getting into sound design for video games and film. This is also means that I'll be expanding my store to feature not just musical packs, but soon host sound effects libraries as well. Hopefully, you'll also be able to catch some of my sounds in actual games in the not-too-distant future 👾

Going forward, select libraries will also become available on other storefronts specifically aimed at people working in games (, Unity, Unreal, etc.) but more on that at a later point.

My Instagram and YouTube channel will also start to feature more sound design related content like sound redesigns and some more freestyle sound creation. I'm also hoping to finally revive my Twitch for occasional sound design streams.

Only 1 more day to get EVERYTHING at 50% off

Just as a final reminder, my 2K22 EVERYTHING BUNDLE will only remain on sale for $40 for one more day (sale ends 12-31-2022 at 12 PM EST)

Again, this is my biggest deal of the year and gets you everything released through my store in one, massive bundle. Bought individually, these packs would total over $100, and the bundle will be priced at $80 once the sale ends.


Get sample pack released up until spring 2023.

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