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Some of you might have noticed that there have been some payment-related issues with my sample pack store at times so I ultimately decided to ditch the WooCommerce platform and move everything over to Gumroad which is super stable, more secure, and I can make flashier product pages 🙂 You also don’t need to create an account to grab my …

last single of 2020

BØLT releases

my last single of the year, “sadboi.” is now live.this one made for my live sets @ Lo-Freq Fest and Scene’s Sunset Hang 2020 on the MPC One and OP-Z.

BOLT - dew.

“dew.” is live.

BØLT news

My newest single “dew.” is now live everywhere! This track was made on the MPC One using the hi-hats from a drum loop my buddy Brainweight put out as part of his “Hot Take Drum Breaks Vol. 1” pack. The synth bass and plucks are straight from my new free MPC Expansion “OP-Z patch dump vol. 1” where I turned my favorite …

FREE MPC Expansion

BØLT sound packs

This one’s for my fellow MPC users. OP-Z patch dump vol. 1 brings my favorite homemade OP-Z patches onto the MPC in the form of 31 fully playable Keygroup programs including basses, synth plucks, pads, and more. These programs consist of 513 samples recorded at high quality and without any noise you to be able to shape them using the …

penumbra out now.

BØLT news, releases

Tune out the craziness for 3 minutes and check out this single I put together with Larah (@itslarahmusic). This one is my first track as BØLT to feature a (6-string) bass solo by the way.


BØLT sound packs

It’s time for a free sample pack! I’ve always had a thing for percussion samples and constantly try and get usable sounds out of anything I can find around the house. So I decided to put a little pack together! This free sample pack comes with over 70 one shots from both traditional percussive instruments and household items. For MPC users …

aiida - more than a minute

Aiida – More than a Minute

BØLT news, releases

Our baby is finally out! Aiida, Julia Fischler and I have been working on this song for quite a while, both while we were all still in the states and across the pond when the world went into lockdown. Super proud of what we created! “More than a Minute” is now streaming everywhere and has been produced, mixed & mastered …

This Sunday: Scene’s Sunset Hang 2020

BØLT news

Tomorrow from 12 until 5 PM EST, Boston-based label Rhythmus Records is hosting 2020’s annual Sunset Hang on Twitch. Originally, this event was going to take place in Salem, MA, but due to the ongoing health crisis it’ll be all online for the first time ever.

$3 Bass Samples are back!

BØLT news

Since this pandemic is continuing to wreak havoc in the US and most of us are still cooped up inside I decided to bring back $3 pricing for my sample & loop pack “Low’n’Slow” until the end of the year!

Now donating ALL Bandcamp Proceeds.

BØLT news, releases

None of my music would exist if it hadn’t been for all the black artists before me and I’m forever grateful for these musical geniuses who shaped the history of music throughout the decades and centuries. That’s why I will donate ALL of my Bandcamp proceeds to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund for the foreseeable future because I can’t just …